€ 14,000 Won By A Couple At The Tréport Casino

If you read our articles on Roulette.be every day, then you will know that we love all the stories that revolve around the lucky and happy winners. A week that begins with joy and big wins is necessarily a good week and today we will be no exception to the rule to suggest that you start it well with pleasure.

We have just learned that a couple had just won more than 14,000 euros at the Tréport casino less than two weeks ago. This is not necessarily the biggest gain we have already talked about here, but we particularly appreciate telling you this kind of story, especially if you are in the habit of strolling near our French neighbors … This allows you to passage of perhaps you create a small list of the casinos which most often drop jackpots on the hexagon…

It Was Party Time At The Tréport Casino

So today we are packing our bags to head directly to Le Tréport, a French town located in the Seine-Maritime department in the Normandy region. There, it was the party in his casino on November 1, 2018 since a couple of vacationers, from the Somme, quite simply won the beautiful jackpot on one of the many slot machines of the establishment.

Even if the sum is not the most impressive compared to those we see passing through here when players win progressive jackpots on slots known as Mega Fortune, Divine Fortune or the inevitable Mega Moolah, it remains however very appreciable. for a couple who just came to have fun for a few minutes in these places they were discovering. The lucky ones actually won a tidy sum of € 14,183.71. But the funniest part of the story, and one thing that keeps coming up with big winners, is that they only bet $ 1.25 on the video machine.

A Day That Starts Off Pretty Well

We can indeed say that this day is not really like the others for this happy couple who had the chance to explode the jackpot of the slot machine 204 type “Lighting link” of the JOA casino in Tréport Thursday, November 1, 2018 .

Coming from the Somme, this loving couple had quite naturally decided to spend a romantic weekend in the area and strong to note that this little improvised getaway allowed them to take full advantage of this free time and especially to live a moment. most enjoyable sharing.

Once at the gaming establishment, the couple choose a slot machine at random, accessible from € 0.01 stake. He then makes a first deposit of € 1.25 and luck will immediately touch them with the tip of his finger. If we are to believe the information and intelligence gathered there, this is the highest jackpot for the past three months.

A very good end of the year which promises to be for this couple who had to take full advantage of their stay and who can start these next holiday periods auspiciously. It’s a safe bet that Christmas is likely to spoil some relatives of the latter who therefore benefits from a very nice prize pool of more than € 14,000.

The Tréport Casino Attracts Luck

It must be said that you have certainly already heard about this casino in the press, and more particularly in our articles, because significant gains have also been recorded within it. We can for example cite that of a player passing through the region this summer who had quite simply left with a nice sum of € 42,085. A big gain indeed won in this same gambling house and by betting only 1.76 €.

Throughout the last few months, we have been able to attend a parade of lucky players in this establishment, whether they are regulars of the casino or just simple visitors. A Tréport casino that does not shy away from its pleasure, by the way, to take advantage of all this publicity which revolves around this gain; which therefore allows them to be able to highlight the different peculiarities of places.

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